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Technology of DENAS-OLM physiotherapy is used for health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases. 

If you need to recover after illness, rest or relax taking minimal efforts, medical clothes is the best solution.
Therapeutic blanket is multilayer. External layers are made of synthetic fabric, and the inner one is made of thin synthetic metallized films, which function as a protective screen. This allows to reduce the convection heat loss from the body and the intensity of impact of the external electromagnetic radiation.
Complete wrapping up in the therapeutic blanket is used for rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of diseases, including those caused by chronic stress.
The procedure improves sleep, overall well-being and mood, increases resistance to stress factors.

Unique multilayer structure;

Modern antiallergic material;

One size: 215х160 cm;

Storable packaging.
It allows to shorten treatment time and get a summarized effect in complex therapy, together with dynamic electrical neurostimulation effects.

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