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DENAS-Complex is a whole new level of development of physiotherapy which allowed to achieve the maximum degree of comfort and usability.

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DENAS-Complex is a whole new level of development of physiotherapy which allowed to achieve the maximum degree of comfort and usability.

The device has 16 modes, 53 automatic programs of treatment and the program "Screening". DENAS-Complex is provided with all the modes that have ever been used in DENAS devices and all the frequencies.
The modes and treatment programs allow to fully concentrate on treatment without long setting of the device. The menu "Screening" has several variants of the procedure and it allows to ¬locate latent trigger zones. Now you can work more efficiently paying more attention to yourself or your patient.
16 modes of therapy:
1.0 ... 9.9 Hz in increments of 0.1 Hz, 200 Hz, 140 Hz, 77 Hz, 60 Hz, 20 Hz, 10 Hz, tonification, relaxation, universal pain relief, quick pain relief, eyesight fatigue, eyesight treatment, rhinorrhea, allergy, myostimulation.
53 automatic treatment program:
• Locomotor system: joint pain; joint stiffness; postural disorder, scoliosis; flat feet;

• Nervous system: headache; dizziness; neck pain; back pain; trigeminal neuralgia; facial neuropathy; motor disorders; sensation disorders; pelvic disorders; weather sensitivity; insomnia; performance-impairment; speech disturbance;

• Digestive system: stomach pain and indigestion; constipation, bloating; diarrhea;

• Men's health: pain; prostatitis; inflammatory diseases; potency disorder;

• Women's health: pain; inflammatory diseases; dysmenorrhea, infertility; climax;

• Cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension; arterial hypotension; vein diseases; artery diseases;

• Urinary system: inflammatory diseases; urination disorders;

• Visual system: eyesight fatigue; myopia, hyperopia; retinal and optic nerve disorders; cataract, glaucoma;

• Respiratory system: cough, asphyxia, shortness of breath;

• ENT: runny and stuffy nose; pain; otitis, sinusitis; hearing impairment, noise in the ears;

• Skin: allergies; skin diseases;

• Endocrine system: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism; diabetes mellitus;

• Dentistry: pain; periodontitis, parodontosis;

• Injuries: soft tissue; bone fracture; burns, frostbites.

The kit includes:

  • DENAS-Complex device
  • Operating Manual
  • Power supply
  • Set of external massage electrodes "DENAS-Massage" (2 PCs.: needled and flat)
  • External acupuncture therapeutic electrode
  • External paraorbital therapeutic electrode DENAS-Glasses
  • External therapeutic electrode for feet DENAS-Reflexo
  • Set of detachable zonal electrodes DENAS-Applicator (3 PCs.)

The kit includes a handy carrying bag for DENAS-Complex transportation and work out of home or clinic.

How to use:

For each program and mode the recommended stimulation zone and electrodes, therapy session duration and intensity of the electric pulse is presented. Adjustment and choice of parameters are carried out by turning the handle or pressing the buttons. The DENAS-complex device does not have a built-in electrode, but in return the device includes all the known remote electrodes. It is required to read the user instructions and consult with a specialist in order to carry out the procedures on the device DENAS-complex in a proper way, as well as to determine the optimum combination with other treatments.

We have provided everything to do the job of a physiotherapist as comfortable as possible!

Dimensions 300 × 200 × 170 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Frequencies - from 1.0 to 9.9 Hz (in increments of 0.1 ± 0.05 Hz);
- 10 ± 2 Hz;
- 20 ± 2 Hz;
- 60 ± 2 Hz;
- 77 ± 3 Hz;
- 77 ± 3 and 10 ± 2 modulated with frequency 2 ± 0.1;
- 77 ± 3 with amplitude modulation;
- 140 ± 5 Hz;
- 200 ± 5 Hz.
Maximum current draw (at supply voltage 6 V) is 1500 mA

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