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Carlsbad water, when taken from a mineral spring, loses its healthfulness on the next day. Therefore, since 1982 at the factory Vridelni Sul salt has been evaporated from mineral water. Since 2004 Vridelni Sul, the only manufacturer of geyser salt on the territory of Karlovy Vary.

Water from the mineral geyser Vřídelní is taken only in the morning hours – at this time the water is fresh and rich in minerals to the maximum. First, we carefully, with seven stages of cleaning, separate Carlsbad water from everything unnecessary – water stone, iron and other impurities, the content of which is minimal and which are not necessary for human body. And only then we carefully extract the salt with specific technology.

Carlsbad mineral salt is beneficial to digestive system (it normalizes function of the digestive system, reduces flatulence, prevents formation of calculi), it is recommended as an additional source of macro and micro elements, during intensive physical and mental activity, as part of complex correction of overweight.

Baths with Carlsbad salt have pronounced cosmetic effect – skin becomes velvet, sleep and appetite get better. Such baths are recommended after physical stress or sports training.

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